He Was Selling Ice Cream Out Of A Beat-Up Old Cooler. A Group Of LOUD Dudes Called Him Over And…

He was walking up and down the beach with a cooler that had seen better days. It was dirty, the wheels barely worked at all, and the hinges were clearly on their last legs. It wouldn’t be long before this guy’s cooler would need to be replaced.6.27a9

A group of guys called him over and bought a few pops and sent him on his way. When he circled back around, they loudly called him back over. They didn’t have money, but they told him that they simply wanted to trade coolers. He needed one more than they did, and theirs was brand new. The unloaded their cooler and loaded his pops into theirs with fresh ice.

It turned out that the man was a landscaper during the week, and on the weekends, he would drive the long distance to the beach in order to make some extra money for his family. It was grueling work, but it didn’t matter because it was for his kids.

When the man left, the guys loaded up the dirty, broken cooler with all of their drinks and continued to use it. They didn’t treat the man like he needed charity, and they didn’t try to give him money. They treated him like they would a member of their family. It made sense to trade because their cooler was just sitting there and they didn’t need the wheels or the hinges to work.

Now, the guy has a nice cooler that will last a lot longer, and he can continue to make extra money for his kids.

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