He Was Sad That No One Would Come To His Birthday Party Because Of His Autism…GameStop Thought That Was OUTRAGEOUS. So They Did THIS!

Growing up is hard. Every experience is new and better or worse than the last. When a child is different from the rest, those experiences can be worse than they should be if the other kids don’t treat them kindly. Shanel Taylor’s son was one of the “different” children who had a harder time fitting in than most. You see, Shanel’s 9-year-old son has autism, and because of this, children don’t always want to play with him. For his 9th birthday, he didn’t want to have a party because he knew that no one would come – he didn’t even want to bother trying. Instead he wanted to go to his favorite video game store and purchase a new prize…and his mother was all too ready to support him! Little did they know…the kind people at GameStop didn’t want him to settle on his birthday!


…I could not have asked for anything better than what my son got last night.”


While children may be cruel, there will always be kind-hearted adults out there who want to make life easier for the kids who came after them. These people probably remembered what it felt like to be different or mistreated. They remembered what it was like to be the odd one out of a crowd. They weren’t about to let this little guy feel that way…especially on his birthday!

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