He Was Rushed To The ER In The Middle Of Yard Work. First Responders Stayed And Finished All Of It.

On a scorching afternoon in Kansas, a man was out doing yard work. He was mowing, weeding, and taking care of his property when he realized that he didn’t feel so good. He was having a medical emergency and needed immediate attention. 911 was dialed, and the first responders showed up to help in no time at all.

The man was rushed to the hospital to get treatment by the ambulance, but the guys on fire Engine 1 decided that there was more to do on the scene. The yard work was halfway completed…why not finish? It was a hot day, and his family wasn’t going to have time to finish what he had started…especially with all of the added stress that they were about to go through! 7.28a8

One man hopped onto the riding mower and another supervised, making sure that the owner would be proud when he eventually returned home. The firefighters of Lawrence, Kansas sure know how to make sure their community is cared for!7.28a7

The fire and medical teams shared the story on Facebook, and their actions have gone viral! This is exactly the kind of good news that people love to see, and the public absolutely adores every bit of it. Some people are joking around and asking if the firefighters will come and help them paint their houses if they happen to fall off of a ladder, but in general, the community is thankful that their first responders have such big hearts!

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