He Was Rescued From A Hoarder’s Home During A FLOOD! What They Found Under His Fur Is SHOCKING!

The golden retriever pup, Bran, life had gone from bad to worse. He was born into a home that could only be described as neglected. His previous owner was a hoarder who ignored the conditions of their home, letting filth and clutter build up until it was unhealthy. When these people own animals, the rescued creatures often need to be put down, as they become feral in their daily fight to survive. The competition for food, space, and affection can drive them mad. 7.5a2

But he was able to escape and lived in the woods for several months…until flooding in the area became too much for him to handle. He sat outside next to a mailbox. He wasn’t sure what he was waiting for, but there he sat in the cold and the rain, just waiting for…something. It was pouring down rain, and he was finally spotted by Blaine.

Blaine found out the the pup had come from a hoarder’s home and opened the car door. Little Bran jumped right in, as happy as could be! He was skinny and filthy from his time spent in the woods. Blaine decided that the first thing he would do was give the pup a bath.7.5a3

For the next three weeks, Bran slept as often as possible, most likely trying to recover and regain his strength from the hard life he had been born into. On his first trip to the vet, they discovered that Bran was full of heart worms, hook worms, and ring worms. They also discovered a tick infestation. Over 3 days, Blaine found over 200 ticks on the poor dog.7.5a4

But in only 6 months, he was happy, healthy, and tick-free! This rescue story is too sweet!

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