He Was Practicing On His Piano When A Neighbor Slipped This Note Underneath His Door…

Ned Dixon, a 21-year-old from Melbourne has quite an impressive array of musical talents, and his neighbors have definitely noticed. He spends his time composing music, practicing and playing the piano, and singing in a cabaret. Usually when he practices, the neighbors can easily hear him through the walls and windows. Noise complaints aren’t all that pleasant to receive, but he expects them now and again…so, when this note was slipped underneath his front door while he was practicing the piano, he thought it would be another one. Instead, he was pleasantly surprised!

It turned out to be a request!

A humble request to the pianist:

Liebestraum No. 3 in A-flat.”

He happily complied with the request, opening his windows in the hopes that his secret admirer would appreciate the effort! They may have never met, but each day for months, the mystery pianist would begin to play and the neighbor would listen, happy to be able to enjoy the spontaneous concert that erupted from the apartment below.

Appreciate art, applaud the artists. In a world more focused on monetary success and physical beauty, finding an artist passionate about their work is a valuable thing – don’t take it for granted!

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