He Was Picking Flowers On The Side Of The Road Instead Of Fixing His Flat Tire…His Reason Is HILARIOUS!

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone only to realize that they might not understand exactly what you’re talking about? Maybe you just used a phrase they had never heard or a word that they never learned. The meaning of a conversation can quickly be “lost in translation,” and that might end up leading to some pretty hilarious anecdotes! This one was too funny not to share on social media! Thanks, stranger!


Hey, you can’t fault this guy for trying to do what he was supposed to! In this case, it was a heavy accent that confused this man and not necessarily the language itself! Although maybe if someone had explained¬†why¬†you’re supposed to put “flahrs” on the road, he would have realized that they did NOT, in fact, mean pretty bouquets of wild flowers that grow near the highways…I hope this guy explained what was happening! But hey, if I saw a bouquet on the road, I would pay more attention. So maybe in the end it wouldn’t be too much of a difference…until the sun went down! Oops!

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