He Was Out Looking For A Good Deal When He Saw An Irresponsible Mom In The Freezing Rain With Two Kids. What She Said Next Changed His World Forever!

Most of us have never experienced what it feels like to have nothing left. To be down to the very last quarter or to be unsure of where the next meal might come from is a terrifying thought. Having a roof to sleep under and clothing to keep us warm is a luxury that some people aren’t able to afford. This is the daily life of a large portion of our society that is mostly ignored or written off. Stopping to help these people who are down on their luck when we can is not only the least we can do, it’s what we should have been doing all along. This guy learned this lesson the HARD way when he was out looking for a good deal on a TV.


Wow. This story really hit home. What if I had lost everything? What if I was living out of my car with my kids? What if I barely had enough money for gas to make it off of the highway? What if I could only feed them peanut butter and water? Where do you turn? Shelters aren’t always an option and get overcrowded too quickly. How do you live? This man made a difference in one family’s life and it has gone VIRAL overnight, leading to massive support towards local shelters. This is so inspiring.

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