He Was On The Scene Of A Nasty Accident When His Partner Snapped One Amazing Photo…That Has Gone VIRAL!

Deputy Ric Lindley of Jefferson County has been a sheriff’s deputy for over 10 years, and used to be an Army Green Beret. He is also a father and a grandfather, and as this next story will show, he has a way with children! And he should, having 7 grandkids!

One day, he and his partner got a call about a large accident that had taken up most of the road. They were the first ones on the scene and began securing the area and helping out where they could. That is when Deputy Lindley noticed a young mother clutching her young baby and leaning on her car for support.

This mother was clearly shaken up by the accident and was having a hard time staying focused. Her baby was uninjured, but understandably upset! With a crying baby making it more difficult to function, this mother was quickly getting worked up. He approached the mother…and what happened next went VIRAL!

His partner took out his phone and captured a very special moment…


After I held her and walked a bit, she quieted down. I recalled my days as a young father, and young grandfather, and I put those skills to work and calmed the baby down. She had a very sweet little personality.”


The Sheriff’s department had this to say about this awesome deputy:

That kind of work doesn’t come through training, it comes from the heart and the kind of person you are. Great heart and character are the kinds of things we look for when recruiting. We certainly got it right on this one.”

According to the deputy, he held the sweet baby for over an hour while the accident was handled and cleared up, and the mother was extremely thankful! He was the right deputy for the job!

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