He Was On The Ground When A Complete Stranger Changed His Life With TWO Incredible Acts Of Kindness

Jennifer Austin’s husband faced a huge obstacle in his life, changing the way they will live for the rest of their lives. In the beginning of January, his health began to decline. He was in and out of the ICU constantly, and after three months of constant worry, his leg was eventually amputated just below his knee. While this meant he would need to learn to live all over again with the new disability, it also meant that he could finally return home to his family just a few days later. But when they arrived home, they realized that there was a huge obstacle in their way: the stairs to the front door.

…I couldn’t get him in the house.” She wrote. “He didn’t have the strength or balance yet, like he hoped, to use crutches to get up the steps. There was no way I could get him up there with the wheelchair. There became a critical point where he ended up down on the concrete steps, and even with his mother’s help, there was not enough strength to lift him up.”

But a stranger drove by and circled back around after he noticed what was happening in front of the house. He pulled into their yard and offered to help.

This gentleman picked my husband up off the steps and brought him into the house. We were pretty emotional at that time and so grateful for this angel that took the time to help. But it didn’t end there. The next morning he came back with his dad and asked permission to build a ramp.”

Twice, this complete stranger went out of his way to help the family cope with their new life. The post was shared on Facebook, and while many were praising the efforts of the stranger, more were wondering why no one at the hospital thought to ask if the family would be able to enter their own home.

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