He Was Nervous After Suffering The Loss Of His Finger, But These Awesome Guys Stepped Up To The Plate!

Have you ever lost a limb? Maybe you know someone who has lost a toe or a finger in an accident. My grandfather lost an eye, but he was old enough that it didn’t really bother him much. He had a good sense of humor, too. He would include as many jokes as he could in casual conversation about only having one eye, and while it made a few people uncomfortable, it made a lot of people laugh. But getting to that point comes with maturity and age. When someone very young loses a body part due to an accident, it might be much harder to come to terms with. Zalend found himself in this very position at only 9 years old, but two men decided that he needed a little dose of hope!


Lt Rackow and Officer Edwards met with Zalend to show him that he’s not alone…you can achieve anything you put your mind to.”

3.7a1 While he didn’t lose an eye, he lost a prominent finger on his dominant hand. Coming to terms with such a big injury can seem impossible; especially at only 9 years old. But after this meeting with two successful members of the police force, Zalend can continue in his life with renewed hope for the future! Losing his finger doesn’t mean that his life will be any different. As long as he works hard, he can do just about anything!

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