He Was Hired Without An Interview After He Sent Them A 20-Page Magazine. Here’s The Reason!

It’s harder to get hired anywhere these days – the competition is fierce, and there are only so many jobs available. When everyone has the same credentials and experience, it takes a little something extra to rise above the rest. One such man is Sumukh Mehta, a marketing student who was looking to intern at British GQ – the magazine.

He had helped MBA graduates make their professional infographic resumes and decided to do his own. It took him over 3 weeks to plan, write, take photographs, and construct the work of art before he sent it in, hoping to get a call back for an interview.

What he didn’t plan on was the Editor-in-Chief seeing it and being offered an internship on the spot. No interview, no competition, the position was his if he showed up.6.20a2

GQ India’s editor also loved the resume and posted it online. He would have to leave his home and settle in London before accepting the position, but it looks like he’s on the right track to becoming an editor himself!

It isn’t enough to send in a nice resume anymore. A few extra-curricular activities isn’t going to make your resume incredible, and unless you have something really memorable about yourself, the interview might not be enough either. Mehta’s story is a prime example of what people have to do to get ahead in life, and it is a thing of beauty. Just look at that awesome cover!

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