He Was Going To CRASH Into A Man Driving Erratically Down A Highway…Until The Man Pulled Over And Confessed To THIS!

Going through difficult times alone is something that most people wouldn’t wish on their worst enemies. When something goes terribly wrong, when we get bad news, when we lose a loved one, or even when we just have a really bad day at work, what makes it better is being able to talk about it with others. Usually friends, a spouse, or family members can easily fill this role and help us to cope with the hard times. But what do you do when the bad news is about the person you would normally turn to? When your “rock” is gone, how do you cope with the frustration or anger or sadness? This man found solace in a place he never expected…2.2a12.2a2

This story really touched me! People who are willing to help out when things get difficult are few and far between. Sure, I might stop and ask if someone needs help if they are very obviously distressed, but I wouldn’t expect them to accept it, either. Sometimes, we just need that “guardian angel” to step in without being asked. Someone to take charge and care for us when we are down. That is what makes these truck drivers so incredible! They saw someone in need and didn’t bother to wait and ask if they could help. They cared so much that it didn’t matter. These guys are amazing and the world needs more people like them!
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