He Was Going To Ask Her To Marry Him…But Then He Found Out About Her SECRET Past And Previous Marriage. She Never Imagined His Response!!

Bringing up the past can be impossible sometimes. When tragedy strikes, the last thing we want to do is dwell on it, most of the time. If you’re just trying to move on from the hardest thing that has ever happened in your life, finding the “right” moment to talk about it with someone new might never actually happen. In this woman’s case, she might not have ever found that “right” moment to talk to her soon-to-be fiance about her past if he hadn’t gotten this message from her brother-in-law.

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I can’t believe this story. His relationship with her changed in an instant, but instead of running away or being overwhelmed, he was there for her, proving that his love for her was real. It didn’t matter about her past or what she had been through. She finally had someone that she could tell everything to. Keeping everything inside for so long must have been eating away at her as she progressed in this new relationship. I could feel her heartbreak, but I am so glad that she now has nothing to hide from her new relationship. Hopefully she can move forward with hope and finally begin to heal.

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