He Was Finally Going To A Job Interview, But Saw A Man Who Needed His Help Instead…

Again and again, life seems to kick us when we’re down. Already out of a job, Jimmy just wanted to try and start over. He wanted a better life for himself…but it seemed that over and over, things just weren’t working out. Until he happened across an elderly man that needed his help, and his life changed with just one look under the hood of a stranger’s car.

Jimmy was an automotive mechanic, but he had not worked for some time now. He always has a good heart, but always feared applying for a new job. One day, he gathered up all his strength and finally decided to line up an interview. All dressed up in a neat white shirt and slacks pants, he went on his way.

His appointment was at 10 am and it was already 8:30. While waiting for the bus that would take him to the interview, he saw an elderly man frantically kicking the tire of his car. He had been watching the man and trying to see what the mechanical problem might be instead of paying attention, and he missed his bus. Jimmy walked over and offered to help the old man with his problem seeing as he had nothing better to do. While he was working on the car, Jimmy told the old man that he was supposed to go to an interview as a mechanic but would probably miss it because he had missed his bus and probably wouldn’t make it on time waiting for the next one.

When Jimmy finished working on the old man’s car, the old man asked him how much for the service. Jimmy said there wasn’t any need to pay him because it was not work, just helping someone in need. “Well, I could offer to take you to the office for your interview. It’s the least I could do. Please, I insist.” So Jimmy agreed.

Jimmy arrived just in time, but found that there was a long line of applicants waiting to be interviewed. The receptionist mentioned that the interviewer was running late, so they were a little backed up. Jimmy sighed in relief, but a quick look at the applicants made him realized that he didn’t look the part. They were all wearing suits, but his white shirt had oil on it and his hands were blackened with grease and dust from the engine. He tried to wash them in the restroom, but the grease wouldn’t budge.

One by one, the applicants filed in for their interviews, and when Jimmy was called in, the secretary escorted him into the office. A cup of coffee was served for him and the interviewer was sitting in an executive chair facing towards the office window. Rocking the executive chair back and forth he asked a strange question.

“Do you really need to be interviewed?” Jimmy’s heart sank. Had the man seen his dirtied shirt?

Then the interviewer turned the chair Jimmy realized that it was the old man he helped earlier in the morning. It turned out that he was the General Manager of the company Jimmy was applying at.

“Sorry I had to keep you waiting, but I was pretty sure I made the right decision of having you as part of our workforce before you even stepped into this office. Congratulations.” Jimmy smiled with relief and shared the cup of well-deserved coffee as he landed himself a new job.

It doesn’t always go so smoothly, but what if Jimmy had reacted in anger to the man that distracted him? His life wouldn’t have turned out so well, and the old man would have missed out on a dedicated worker to boot.


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