He Was Eating Out Of A Trashcan. This Guy Wasn’t About To Stand By And Watch! He Had To DO Something! 1.3 Million People Agree.

This story is bittersweet. While it showcases the best of humanity, it also magnifies the worst of it. Follow this one man’s journey and decide for yourself!


This story has been shared over 1 million times. He eventually went back to the location after hundreds of thousands of people begged him to find this homeless man with cancer. When he found the man one month later, he told him about the people that wanted to help him and set up a fundraiser to get him off of the streets and treated for his cancer…

But when he mentioned that he had found funding and a doctor who would treat him, Steve admitted that he had made the whole thing up. He didn’t have cancer, and because he lied, he didn’t want to accept the money from strangers. He thought it was a harmless enough lie…but when faced with the fact that his story had gone VIRAL, he just couldn’t go along with it anymore.

This didn’t change people’s minds, though. They still wanted to help him. They still thought that he deserved better than eating out of a trashcan. And that is a beautiful thing. What do you think about all of this?

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