He Was Determined To Save These Strangers From Drowning – Even If It Meant His Own Life

When D.J.Nance saw an SUV plunge into the Waccamaw River, he knew that he needed to act fast. He had been fishing on a dock nearby, and when he realized that the people inside weren’t swimming out, he dove into the water.

The two women, Haley and Kate, weren’t able to open their doors as the SUV began to sink. There was too much pressure around the car and they were trapped.

When he got near the SUV, he was able to yank open the driver’s side door and drag Haley to the surface as the vehicle filled with water.

Whenever he grabbed hold of me, I just looked at Kate and she was saying, ‘Please don’t leave me. Please, please don’t leave me,’ and I said, ‘I’m not. I’m not. He’s going to get you out too I promise,” Haley said.

He went back and freed Kate, and led both women through the water to the dock.

He was laying on the dock, and Haley and I were kind of like patting him and saying, ‘You saved us. You saved us!” Kate remembered.

It wasn’t just a matter of life or death for the women; he knew that he wouldn’t have stopped trying to free them, even if it meant he would drown alongside them.

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