He Was Cursing And Shouting Aggressively On the Bus – Everyone Was Terrified…But One Old Woman Knew EXACTLY What To Do!

They say that wisdom comes with age. It’s a saying that has been around for centuries, but I will admit that perhaps there is a different kind of wisdom that comes with age and being a mother. Caring for another person through thick and thin is the world’s hardest job. Seeing a child face obstacles, sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing, standing beside them even when live doesn’t go their way…it can be a heartbreaking position to be in, but it makes people so much stronger for having gone through it. When a large man became irate and unstable on the bus, no one knew what to do…except for one woman, and she stunned everyone who witnessed the miraculous event.


…I’m a mother and he needed someone to touch.”


By the time he had tears in his eyes, it was apparent that he needed more than just space. He needed someone to care. While no one was able to step in and get this man the help that he obviously needed, for just a few minutes on a crowded bus, he was able to control himself and feel the care and support of someone he was probably missing a great deal. Where his own mother is, we may never know…but for 10 minutes, he remembered what it was like to feel loved. This woman is incredible.

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