He Was Crowned Prom King And Went To Prom With 37 Dates!

Sam goes to Penn Cambria High School in Cresson, Pennsylvania, and after this incredible prom night, he’s going to remember his high school years forever! Sam went to prom…with 37 dates!
5.3a9“It doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman or a senior. Everyone knows Sam. Sam taught me how to smile. No matter what happens, you could be having a bad day, you’ll see Sam and he’s smiling and happy in the hallway and whatever I’m upset about doesn’t matter anymore.” – classmate Abby Harvey5.3a10

The girls decided to ask Sam to the prom by writing “WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH US?” on poster boards. They asked him in the school’s gymnasium, but not before sending a letter to his mother to ask if they could take her son to the prom!

After all of the excitement and dancing and fun, Sam was crowned the prom king!

It’s a mother’s dream come true. She knows that Sam is different from the other students, and knows that kids can be cruel. To see the other students going out of their way to make her son feel loved and accepted is heartwarming. These kids show amazing character by being so supportive and kind to students like Sam who are just different.

Sam had a wonderful time at prom, and will be able to leave his high school years behind him with wonderful memories and hundreds of pictures with his incredible dates!

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