He Was Catching Beads Off A Parade Float During Mardi Gras…But One Woman Tossed More Than Beads!

Justin Morgan had been celebrating Mardi Gras in Galveston, Texas, when he caught more than he bargained for off of a parade float. During the festivities, people stand on moving floats and toss brightly colored purple, yellow, and green beads at the crowd. Justin and his friends were catching beads and tossing them on into the crowd as a part of the fun, but one necklace of beads felt heavier than the others. He looked down at the necklace in his hand and realized that this necklace had a wedding band stuck on it. The woman who had tossed it must not have realized that her ring was loose, and Justin caught it! Unfortunately, he had no way oh knowing who had thrown it, or how to return it…

Attention Galveston friends and family, a lady on fat Tuesday threw me some beads from a float and her wedding ring came with it..if anyone knows her or has heard about it please let me know so I can get in touch with her..ty and god bless

Justin, a married man himself, knows the importance of a wedding band. It’s more than just a little ring of diamonds; it represents a commitment and should be respected. He shared the picture online, hoping that the owner would spot it and contact him with proof of the missing ring.

A picture of the ring before the day, a picture during the festivities before the ring was missing, or a picture afterwards…”there are ways of proving these things,” he commented.

A week later, he still hasn’t found the owner…but he hopes that they will see his post soon enough with so many people sharing it!

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