He Was Being Checked By The Police For Reckless Driving…But The TRUTH Is Perfect!

Romantic holidays bring out the best in people…and in some cases, it brings out the daredevil inside of us all! We want to do sweet things for our sweethearts and kind things for our loved ones, but sometimes it can be easy to go just a bit too far! Blowing through a budget for an expensive gift, spending too much on a piece of jewelry, or doing something that you wouldn’t normally do for the one that you love are all things that happen around certain times of year…especially when there are presents involved!


…Donnie delivered the items to the sweet man and I’m positive it made a Valentine’s Day he and his bride will always cherish.”


He hadn’t driven in so long that the people around him were very worried about how he could possibly make it home! They say that remembering to drive is “just like riding a bike,” but apparently once you pass a certain age, it gets just a little bit harder to remember. Instead of turning him in, they sent someone out to check on the man, to have a conversation about the dangers of driving and to see what this old man was thinking…but before the officer went to the house, he made sure to bring candies and chocolates for the man’s wife! Respecting the elderly is something that I hope our society can get better at – this old man has his day made instead of ruined, and his wife got the sweetest gifts for her holiday surprise!

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