He Warned Her That The Marriage Would Be A Mistake…She Didn’t Listen, But Wished That She Had!

Getting out of a tough relationship can take years of heartache and frustration. Sometimes, when the relationship is abusive, it can have an even larger toll on all parties involved. When there are children that need to be considered as well, the decisions can become almost impossible. What is the best thing for the children? Is it worth it to leave? Will it be alright to bring them up in poverty, or is it better to stay with the abusive spouse? Millions of people make these tough decisions everyday. Finding the strength to leave an abusive partner can take every last ounce of energy that you can spare…this woman finally decided to do something about her situation, and the journey is just so inspiring!

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She thought that there was no hope. She thought that the life of abuse and neglect would be her future until the day that she died…but once she had two daughters, she realized that she could no longer settle for a mediocre life. She had to get out. She had to make a better life for the girls. She had to make a better life for herself. The journey was nearly impossible, and many people fail over and over again…but she did not. She kept pursuing her dream even when it seemed impossible! With her faith, her family, and her new self-confidence, she achieved her dream and built a life for her girls – without her abusive ex-husband!

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