He Wanted To See If His Daughter Would Choose Money, Hard Work, Or Fun…Her Choice Had Him In TEARS!

We all have expectations for our children when they are first born. We want them to be confident and strong. We want them to have hopes and dreams and be able to chase them. This father decided to see if he could predict what his little daughter wanted the most of out of life. In his culture, placing three items in front of an infant gives them choices that represented what sort of attitude they would have as they grew up. With a pen, a dollar, and a toy, he gave his daughter a test…and she FAILED with flying colors!!


Children will never cease to surprise and astound you. Their concept of “love” is just so pure that it can take us completely off-guard when they decide to show it to us. This dad wasn’t expecting for his baby daughter to understand what was truly important in life…but he was so glad that she did! The story stuck with him decades later and finally surfaced when she asked him about a sensitive topic. I wonder how often he thought about that moment, when his daughter chose him over everything else! I can feel his happiness from here 🙂

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