He Wanted To “Pop The Question,” But He Spent MONTHS Planning Everything!

Kendal knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Courtney, and he decided to make the moment as memorable as possible. In August, he contacted his cousin, a photographer, to capture the moment forever without Courtney catching on. He wanted it to be a true surprise!10-10a5Courtney began to get suspicious, so they came up with another reason for the shoot. For a photography contest, Courtney and Kendal would hold up handwritten notes written on chalkboards…but they were still worried that something would go wrong. Kendal made sure that he brought along the ring in his pocket, just in case Courtney saw the board before it was time.
10-10a6But everything went according to plan and Courtney never saw the secret proposal. When the pictures were ready, Courtney and Kendal went to pick them up.10-10a7Courtney began to look through the photographs, and Kendal used the excuse that he wanted to “look for ducks” on the pond. And suddenly, she saw the picture.

Kendal knew it was time…10-10a9After months of preparations, his plan was finally in action! She couldn’t believe what she was seeing! He planned it, he had backup plans in case it failed, and he was so excited to begin their lives together in the sweetest way he could think of.

Courtney said yes, and the happy couple has photographs of the perfect moment to treasure for the rest of their lives! Too sweet!


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