He Wanted To Buy A Career Barbie For His Wife, But Only Found The White One. He Did THIS Instead!

Marcus and Lisette are game designers who have created a website called We Are Game Devs. When he heard about the career Barbies, he thought it was cool. When he realized there was a game developer career, he knew that he needed to buy one for his wife. The profession isn’t a recent one, but was usually overshadowed by other career paths. He wanted to celebrate his wife’s accomplishments and thought that this Barbie would make a perfect gift.

But when he got to the store, he realized that the only game developer Barbie was white with red hair. That wouldn’t work as his wife looked nothing like this doll. So, he got creative…7.1a3He purchased another doll that looked more like his wife. Since the Barbies had recently been made in all shapes, colors, and sizes, he knew that he would be able to find one that fit his wife. He was excited with his project and documented the whole thing.7.1a4It was a bit difficult to switch the clothes due to the different arm positions, but he was able to switch the accessories to match! He now had a game developer career barbie that looked more like his wife!7.1a5She was thrilled with the gift, and they posted the images online for the world to see! The photos have been shared thousands of times, and many people are chiming in on his methods.

One person said that Mattel always releases the different skin colors after the initial release…and many more people are wondering why the different colors aren’t all released at the same time.

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