He Wanted Professional Photos With His Cat. When He Got Them Back?! TEARS!

He loved Charlie with all of his heart. Charlie was the best cat. To memorialize their relationship, he decided to do something a little bit silly…

He went to a photography studio and had professional pictures taken, thinking that they would be a fun addition to his life. But what he got back made him burst out into laughter to the point of tears. His pictures weren’t friendly owner-pet type of pictures…

They looked like engagement photos! His cat was so photogenic that the little feline looked as if he had just said ‘yes!’ and accepted a ring!The 21-year-old from Utah had been best friends with Charlie for over a year, and when a $15 photo deal was offered to him at the JCPenney photo studio, he jumped on it. He wanted to give a canvas print of one of them to his mother for Mother’s Day.

He did NOT expect them to be quite so…romantic!In order to get good pictures, the photographer had instructed him to hold Charlie very close, and Charlie responded by curling up and being his usual affectionate self.

Needless to say, mom got a hilarious gift on Mother’s Day…which the family will adore for decades to come!

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