He Walked Outside And Almost MISSED This Terrifying Creature! WARNING: Spiders!

He walked outside. It was a normal day, full of normal chores that needed to be done before nightfall. But what wasn’t normal? Seriously, he almost missed it. Maybe because his brain thought, “I must have made a mistake, there is no way that thing could be real…right?” Luckily, he stopped himself before walking through this terrifying web and took a picture. Baffled, he posted the pictures online, hoping that someone could tell him why the end of the world was apparently nigh.He put a piece of cardboard behind this…monstrosity…and posted the images, praying that it was not, in fact, the apocalypse. Helpful (and grossed out) people on the internet were able to tell him that this spider, although enormous and terrifying, was most likely not going to eat him whole. Nicknamed “banana spider,” the golden silk orb spider enjoys living and hunting in the forests or woodlands. They spin thick, golden webs that are stickier and heavier than a normal spider’s web.Not counting the span of their legs, female spiders can grow to be 3 inches long, and males are only one-quarter of an inch. Obviously, he had stumbled across a female. The bite of this spider is potent, but not lethal. A bite may swell and turn red, but normally disappears within 24-hours and may leave a tough scar in its place.
The spiders are able to co-exist with humans peacefully, and won’t normally bother anyone unless provoked. Still, what a creepy discovery!

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