He Walked Into Starbucks Like He Does 3 Times A Week…But This Time, The Barista Gives Him THIS Incredible Note!

Exchanging notes in the workplace is quite rare nowadays. Asking for phone numbers is easier when you think someone is cute – your phone is in your hand already! You don’t need to write it down on a piece of paper and stare at the phone located in the family room wondering if “her dad will pick up” if you call too late anymore. And leaving kind messages usually happens on a receipt once someone else picks up the bill – again, no need for notes. When Ibby Piracha was handed a slip of paper at the register of his local coffee shop, he was understandably confused. Until he looked down and read when she had written down, just for him…


I’ve been learning ASL just so you can have the same experience as everyone else.”


Wow. Most people wouldn’t have bothered to try and learn an entireĀ languageĀ just to accommodate one person. They might learn a few words or have some things translated already if the customer was a regular, but to do something this big for one person is incredible. Most of us don’t understand what this struggle is like for the deaf community. How many times a day we use our hearing to accomplish the most basic of tasks. This is a huge step in this Starbucks, and I hope the trend continues!

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