He Uses Paper To Make Intricate Art…But Not In The Way You’d Expect!

Most artists use paper in some form. They use it to sketch out ideas, plan sculptures, create patterns, as a canvas…and hundreds of other ways on a daily basis. But one artist has taken the use of paper in art to an incredible level. And I mean, INCREDIBLE.


Calvin Nicholls is famous for a paper-cutting technique that yields 3D art pieces. They rely on light and shadows to bring his paper sculptures to life. Using knives, scalpels, scissors, glue, and other tools, he brings life to the paper in a way that leaps out of the frames.

3.2a9 From afar, these pieces seem to be sculpted out of wood or clay. But once you get closer, the details and individual slices of paper appear, and the intricate designs make the art even more awe-inspiring.
3.2a8These pieces are usually white paper on white paper, allowing the imagination to create layers that aren’t even there.


Since 1986, Nicholls has been perfecting his craft and is considered a master paper sculptor. Scoring and texture are second-nature to him, and each piece breathes new life into his collection. 3.2a10When he decides on an animal, he researches the anatomy in order to make the most accurate piece. He sketches his ideas out before cutting each part individually.
Each creation can take up anywhere from a few weeks to years to complete. With the level of detail on each masterpiece, it’s no wonder why his art is so incredible!

This is the most incredible art that I have ever seen! I hope that one day, I might be able to view them in person! WOW!

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