He Tries To Buy A Talking Dog…But Then He Realizes THIS! Ha!

When I spend money on something, I expect it to meet certain requirements. As long as it is somewhat close to what was advertised, most of us usually don’t have a problem buying an item at a store. At this point in our society, we are used to knowing that if a purchase didn’t live up to our satisfaction, we can return it, get a replacement, or get our money back. The gray area exists when we purchase things from other people and not a retail store. If we buy something second-hand from a stranger, we go into it knowing that there is risk involved…and the price usually reflects that risk. This guy learned this all too well…


Hey! If I was selling a talking dog that liked to lie all of the time, I don’t think I would tell anyone until I was free of him! That was a pretty amazing story, though. Imagine if any part of it had been even a little bit true! I might expect the dog to get a job, though, if he can talk and reason like a human. This joke is hilarious! Now I want a talking dog that may or may not lie all of the time.

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