He Tried To Steal A Phone…From Off-Duty Police Officers! Bad Idea, Buddy!

A man walked up to Mikaela Kellner and her friends who were sunbathing in Stockholm. He told them that he was selling magazines to support their local homeless community, but was acting a bit strange. The group told him that they weren’t interested, but he refused to leave their presence, and Kellner noticed strange behavior at once. He had been lingering around their blankets and items, but hadn’t taken anything too obvious.

Once he left the scene, one of Kellner’s friends realized that the man had stolen her phone. He had placed his magazines on top of their items and picked the phone up along with them when he left. Kellner jumped up and raced after the man – a good 15 meters, she estimates – only wearing a bikini. 7.29a1

She tackled him, but he tried to fight back. He didn’t realize that she was a cop and a body builder in her spare time. Her other friend, who also happened to be an officer, helped to tackle the man when he wouldn’t stop struggling.

They called in the incident and waited for on-duty officers to come by and straighten everything out.

She has been an officer for 11 years, but she could honestly say that this was a first! She acted on instinct and only realized how silly she must have looked when the other officers arrived to take over.

These people are cunning, almost like magicians.”

She posted the photo on social media with a message for people to pay more attention to strangers who act overly friendly.


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