He Tried To Sell A $400+ Machine To A Woman Suffering From Cancer. Another Customer Shared It All On Facebook!

A true act of kindness happens when you least expect it to, and usually when no one is looking. 30 years ago, you only heard about these types of stories if a local newspaper decided to share the story, or you heard about it from a neighbor or from a friend. Sometimes, even just from the cashier at super market. And good news didn’t always travel as quickly as bad news. The best part about the internet is the abundance of people sharing the amazing things that they see happening around them – even when the evening news does not. This is one of those stories! Even a year later, it is still being shared, inspiring others to go out and do good things of their own.


This young man probably went without a few things that month due to the item he purchased for the woman. $400 is a lot of money for anyone to just give away. Her story touched his heart so much that he couldn’t help but do what he thought was right! The most amazing part about this story is that if someone else hadn’t witnessed it, nobody would know that it had even happened aside from himself and the woman he helped out. This is what I love about sharing stories – the joy and compassion can be passed on to others as quickly as the click of a button! It’s simply wonderful!

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