He TRICKED Her Into Posing For Her Own Marriage Proposal! The Story Is Too Sweet!

Nick and Emily were best friends growing up. They played soccer in the back yard and bonded over silly things…and eventually, they became even closer. In high school, he dated Emily’s best friend, but it didn’t last long. A while later, Emily kissed him, but the timing was right. They continued their friendship…and eventually, the timing was right!

In 2009, they went to see the movie Twilight together and officially began dating.

They were a part of the vacation club with mean that they could visit Disney multiple times each year, and their family and friends often joined them. One of their favorite things to do is pose on the rides, choosing different themes and poses each time. On one trip, they decided to ride Splash Mountain and do a “sleeping” pose. While Emily perfectly posed for the camera…her friends and family had a surprise!!

After the ride, they rushed to look at their picture…

When Emily realized what they had done, she turned to Nick who had already dropped to one knee and was holding out the ring!

It turns out, they had all been carrying the ring and the cards in their bags and switching off every so often so that Emily wouldn’t find out before the picture! He was so nervous that she would catch on before the ride…but she didn’t, and now they have the engagement photo of a lifetime!

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