He Travels To This Man’s Home Every Three Weeks, But This Time, The Man Had Something To Say

Jonathan Lopez visits clients who can’t leave their homes due to illness or medical conditions, and Ron is one of his favorites. Ron isn’t able to leave his home because he has Parkinson’s Disease, so, Jonathan visits every three weeks to give Ron a haircut. During these visits, they talk about many things, but on this particular occasion Ron had something very important to pass on to his friendly barber:

Always value what you have.” Says Ron.

Working hard and living life to the fullest is the best way to live – even if it might be easier for some – and helping people in small ways can make the most of the time given to everyone on Earth. He wanted Jonathan to know that life isn’t about “me.”

12-1z19Ron used to work as a book designer, even having designed the World Book Encyclopedia. While he isn’t able to continue his work, he still has a lot to offer the world. Jonathan admits that he would make a lot more money if he stayed in his shop for the two hours he takes out of his day to spend with Ron, but those hours are worth it.

My joy is making Ron’s day better and learning from his experience. A true blessing to have a friendship with someone of this age. His experience and knowledge will most definitely never go forgotten.” Jonathan writes on Facebook.

In the end, that’s all any of us really want – to make an impact.


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