He Transforms This Ordinary River Rock Into A STUNNING Work Of Art!

Many of us grew up during a time when “playing outside until the streetlamps” came on was an everyday occurrence. We’d fill the time by making tunnels in the mud and building forts out of old tree branches, or playing games of tag with the neighbor kids until we were out of breath. Some of us liked to collect fun bits of nature to add of our collection of “cool things,” and others just wanted to climb trees.

One artist, who goes by the name Bobby Duke, has taken his appreciation for nature to the extreme by transforming ordinary stones into breathtaking works of art – in this case, a piece of jewelry – and sharing them with the world. Through an intricate process involving sandpaper, electronic sanders of all shapes and sizes, and polishing, the stones take on a new life right out of his imagination and into the palm of his very hand.

It isn’t easy. The creations take a lot of time, hard work, and persistence. Working closely with rough tools means that he can get injured easily if he isn’t careful (hello, bandages!) but the end results are usually worth it! After they’ve been shaped, sanded, and detailed, the gorgeous crafts are stunning…but at the same time, still retain that natural aspect that makes them so unique.The clever use of his tools bring his ideas to life, and we totally get why people are in awe of his work! You can check out more of his designs here!

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