He Took The Last Spot On The Lifeboat Instead Of Giving It To His Wife!! His Reason Is Heart Breaking!

Our brains have learned to jump to conclusions at every turn. The most logical explanation is usually the right one, and centuries of conditioning have kept humans alive and safe, ensuring our survival. Some things are obvious. The sun is out, so it must be daytime. Someone is crying so they must be hurt. The traffic is stopped, so the light must be red. But sometimes, things are not as they appear, and in this story, a teacher tries to teach her class about confirming the facts before deciding on what has really happened.


We are so used to spotting the negative things in life, that we have to focus in order to see the positive in life. Like this story, sometimes people appear to be doing the wrong thing. We think, “that’s terrible!” We don’t know what they are going through or their reasons for their actions. Staying open-minded about the world around us can be a pretty big challenge, and it’s something that we must constantly work at. Once I realized the reason that this man left his wife on the sinking ship, I respected them both so much more than after I first read the headline. This story is so much deeper than I was expecting, and I would hope that I could have the strength of this woman if I ever found myself in the same position.

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