He Took His Dad Out For Lunch…And Then He Realized Why His Father Ordered Two Spoons…Heartbreaking!

How do you move on without the one that you love? The things that you used to do together aren’t as fun without them. The places that you used to go and food that you used to eat just falls flat. It’s hard to find new things to do without thinking, “what would they have thought about…” and sometimes, you just can’t let go of the past.

One man decided to bring his dad out for lunch. They went to a restaurant and everything was normal…until his dad ordered a rice pudding with two spoons. Why? He definitely wasn’t going to share that rice pudding with his pop…he didn’t even like rice pudding! Didn’t his dad know that? But he didn’t say anything, he just sat at the table and waited for their orders to arrive.

Finally, he asked why the second spoon was there, and his regular waitress piped in, “oh, that’s just his thing!” He always ordered two spoons…
7.14a10…because his late wife would always take the first bite. Eventually, he began to order his rice pudding with two spoons, just for her. After she passed away, he never stopped ordering his rice pudding with two spoons. It was a way to keep her with him, even though she was gone. It was a way to never forget those special moments and the love that they shared.

It matters. Keeping the memories of our loved ones alive is what makes us human, even if it looks a little silly sometimes.

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