He Took Her To A Football Game, But She CLEARLY Didn’t Understand The Rules! HILARIOUS!

Do you remember your first dates? Okay, so maybe my first dates are a little too far back to remember any of the details, but I can remember how I felt on them! The point of a date is to see if you have anything in common past a random appreciation for classical music or your favorite coffee shop. Getting to know someone who you haven’t been very close to can be a bit nerve-wracking, and while you hope to find out more about them, there are some things that we wished we hadn’t discovered…things that might not lead to a second date!


Hey, if you replace “blonde” with “dark haired short girl,” this is totally me! I know that the stereotype gets a hard time, but I will be the first to admit that I don’t know anything useful about sports. I’m going to go ahead and blame her date for not explaining the game to her! He knew it was her first football game – he should have tried a little harder!

Okay, so maybe she wasn’t the brightest star in the sky, but at least she tried to understand what was happening! Remember, if you take someone on a date, be sure to ask a lot of questions! If you hear anything funny, remember to post the story on social media! We all want to hear it!

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