He Thought It Would Be Funny To DESTROY His Driver’s License With A Hilarious Face. The Result? I’m Laughing!

One night, (after several beers, mind you) this guy started having a conversation with a friend. They talked about how hilarious it would be if one of them made themselves nearly unrecognizable and turned it into their official driver’s license photo. It was a joke, but this guy decided to see if he could actually do it.

For one month, he grew out his hair and his beard. He didn’t trim or touch-up anything.


First, he shaved the top of his head to get that male pattern bald look. He looks like he is questioning all of his life choices…or at the very least, this decision. TOO BAD! He must go ahead!


The next thing to go? That beard. He shaved his chin and gave himself some curious sideburns. Here, he’s testing out his new persona. “I’ve never been to Tennessee, but if I had…”


“My favorite [picture], but didn’t expect to get away with it. Crossed my eyes while keeping one on the camera. Pushed my head back to give a double chin.”
3.2a34He sent this photo in with his application…and miraculously, it was approved! How? We’ll never know. This is the epitome of taking advantage of the system. Look at this masterpiece.


Many people speculated that he would have trouble the next time he ever tried to use it. He looks nothing like this photo – it is so fake that it looks forged. Would he have to make the same face any time he wanted to show his ID?


Only had this License for 1 year, and I was pulled over twice. First time I was pulled over the officer didn’t question a thing. It was very disappointing to me. The second time, the officer did question it, so I did the googly eye thing for him and he found it very funny. The only trouble I had was buying beer at Walgreens, other than that it’s been very entertaining at bars.”

After a while, it must have gotten old, but this is great. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while!

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