He Thought His Wife Was Plotting To Kill Him!! Good Thing His Lawyer Knew The TRUTH!

Couples get divorced for all sorts of reasons. Some of the most common are adultery, alcoholism, desertion, and even disability…but murder? When someone walks into a divorce lawyer’s office, they expect to hear some pretty wild stories, but a secret murder plot is usually very low on that list! He tries to get to the bottom of this man’s accusation, and when he realizes what has happened, he has to try his best not to laugh at his new client!



Oh, goodness! What a horrible misunderstanding! While I do feel bad for this guy, I almost feel worse for his wife! This is something that most of us keep in our medicine cabinets at all times. I wonder how hurt and betrayed this poor husband must have felt when he read the label, but I’m also curious as to why he wouldn’t ask his wife what it was…I don’t normally associate butterflies with murder! I’m sure this lawyer was able to explain what had happened, but it must have been a very confusing conversation!

This story just made me laugh. Language barriers often lead to silly mistakes! What did you think of this story?

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