He Thought He’d Broken His Bike After A Huge Storm. The “Strange Noise” Was Actually A KITTEN!

After hurricane Irma made its way through his town, a Florida man named Chad went out for a bike ride. His power had gone out, so he decided to ride out to the power substation near his home to check out the damage and find out what had happened. The station was only about a mile from his home, so he didn’t think much of taking the trip.

Once he made it to the station, he heard a loud squeaking noise. He thought it was coming from his bike – maybe a loose chain or a rusty bit of metal – and hopped off to find out. Something made him look around, intuition or maybe even just plain curiosity…that’s when he spotted the animal lying nearby in a puddle of water and mud in the grass.

He stepped closer and realized that it was a kitten on the brink of death. It was barely breathing, but it began making that same squeaking noise that he thought had been his bike. He rushed to pick the kitten up out of the puddle and wrapped it in his hat, hoping he had found it in time. The kitten was in bad shape. He called out to his wife, Carre, to help. The electricity was out, so using flashlights and towels, they began to rub the kitten to keep it warm. It laid still and limp as they tried to warm it, and at one point, they thought it had died…

But two hours later, the kitten began to stir. They didn’t have milk, but Carre had some canned cat food. She mushed it together with water to make it easier for the kitten to eat and when the kitten responded with gusto, they decided to take it to the vet.

The kitten, now named Cantore, was estimated to be 6 to 8 weeks old. He only weighed about 1 pound, and the couple knew he’d need a lot of care to gain weight and get healthy again.They aren’t sure how such a small kitten had survived the hurricane, but they are glad that Chad had gone for a bike ride that day. He saved Cantore’s life.

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