He Thought He Might NEVER Get Through To The Boy Who Liked To Be Alone…Until The Boy’s Mother Called Him Unexpectedly And Gave Him The Heartbreaking News!

As adults, we hate to see children being left out or isolated from other groups of kids. While it isn’t always bullying, we can remember times when we were alone as children, and how it could sometimes make us feel like we didn’t “belong.” But how do you approach a child and let them know that it’s okay to talk to others? How do you get the other children to include them in their games? It’s a hard situation to see happening, and in this case, I think the counselor made the best decision possible!

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While the counselor didn’t outright make the other children play with the lonely boy, he did show the child what it meant to try. By making a point to talk to him, even when he was alone, he showed the boy that you don’t always have to have anything in common to make friends. By being outgoing and kind, he showed the boy that people will accept you for who you are – even if you are just a little bit different. He gave the child the confidence to find what made him happy and share it with others.

His last months of life were full of confidence and friendship – something he might not have had if this brave young man hadn’t gone and tried his very best to reach out to the lonely boy! Too sweet!


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