He Thought He Knew What Pregnancy Was…Until His Fiancee Showed Him The TRUTH! Wow.

When a kid asks about pregnancy, parents usually sugar-coat it if they are too young and give explanations that, while technically covering the subject, don’t really explain much. Anyone who hasn’t been pregnant at least knows that “there’s a baby in that belly,” but don’t experience the unbearable nausea, fatigue, and genera discomfort that goes along with it. One man discovered what pregnancy really¬†is when his fiancee went through the worst of the first trimester…and he realized what he needed to do to help.

4.15a19 …she is creating a life and that is so interesting and amazing to me.”

4.15a20He may not have known what would be in store for him when she gave him that sweet little surprise of “I’m pregnant,” would really entail. Midnight trips to the bathroom, illogical cravings and food aversions, body aches, and countless other symptoms await them. But when true love and respect is involved, it makes every uncomfortable moment just a little bit easier. Focusing on the life that she is creating, knowing that very soon they will be starting their very own family makes it all “worth it.”

He learned a valuable lesson that day, and he wanted to share it with as many people as he could. Over 33,000 people have shared his post, and hopefully, 33,000 more will see it and learn from it, too! Pregnancy is a beautiful time, but it deserves a lot of respect.

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