He Thought He Had Purchased The Perfect Stocking-Stuffer For His Wife…Until He Received THIS Disaster In The Mail!

You don’t always get what you pay for when you purchase something online – especially if you’re buying a product that doesn’t come from a big retailer. Sure, 99.99% of the time, things work out perfectly! But it’s that small margin of error that can lead to some pretty hilarious mistakes!

One man ordered what seemed like a cute little gift for his wife. It was supposed to look like this:


Adorable, right? A snowy landscape with stars and snowflakes is visible when the cup is cold, and a festive sleigh completed with Santa, some bears, and a horse when the cup is full of hot chocolate or coffee! The perfect little stocking-stuffer.

What he got in the mail had him writing a very angry review on the company’s page!4.11a2

Technically, he received a mug with that image on it…but there was a HUGE miscommunication between ordering and delivering the product! This is too funny!

While he was understandably upset, other customers thought it was a humorous mistake! One other customer even offered to buy the cup from him instead of waiting for a return shipment box. He didn’t appreciate it, but the rest of us got a good laugh out of it!

Just imagine…a mom and pop store. A huge stack of orders that need to be done by the holidays. Frenzied workers making cup after cup…and somehow, this image slips into their work load and they just miss it completely! How embarrassing…

…it made me laugh!

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