He Thought A Homeless Man Was Squatting In His Back Yard. When He Woke “Him” Up, He Realized It Was A 12-Year-Old Girl!

The homeless can sometimes have a tough time making it through the night – especially in Rochester, New York where the temperatures had dropped to a chilling 40° F. So when John Goodman noticed someone huddled in his back yard, he thought that it was probably a homeless man that had decided to camp out for the night.

“My man, get up,” he told the person, but they didn’t move.

5.6a4Eventually, the person pulled back their hoodie, and he realized that it wasn’t a homeless man at all. It was a little girl who was cold and lost and alone. She had lost her shoes and her feet were bloodied from walking around without them.

She had run away from school and had lost her shoes along the way. Her feet had gotten injured and she couldn’t make it home, causing her to take shelter in the secluded back yard for the night.

Goodman immediately brought her inside and fed her. He found some shoes to put on her feet – he has daughters of his own – and began trying to figure out what to do next. He called a friend and together they realized that this was the same little girl that they had seen as “missing” on a viral Facebook post the day before.

Goodman called the numbers on the Facebook post and the girl’s grandparents arranged for her to be picked up. They were so grateful that they weren’t able to come up with words to express their relief.5.6a5

I love the kids – that made me feel like that could have been one of mine – one of my nieces, one of my little girls. And I can’t have that; that’s not cool.” Goodman said.

He just did what any caring father would do, but to her family, he has done something that they will never forget!

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