He Texts His Wife From the Hospital…But Her Response Is OUTRAGEOUS! What Is WRONG With Her?!

If someone you cared about sent you a text message saying that they had been in a car accident, your first response would probably be a mixture of terror and concern. It’s such an easy way to die, and knowing that someone you love has been injured or worse is enough to stop us cold in our tracks. Lives can change in the blink of an eye after a car accident. Physical therapy, expensive medical bills, countless medications, and even physical disabilities can all be the result of an accident…so obviously, when a wife learns that her husband has been in an accident, she should probably be just a little bit concerned…right?


Of course. Of COURSE that’s what she said…after all of the terrible injuries her husband sustained, TINA is the person she wants to know about?! What a horrible woman! Never mind the broken bones and the life-altering amputations, she just wants to know who Tina is and why she would be driving her husband to the hospital. Okay, so maybe this isn’t the first time that her husband has been caught with another woman. We don’t know their story…but in this case, I think she should give him a break! Geez! Hasn’t he been through enough?!

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