He TAKES Old Crayons From Schools And Restaurants Every Chance He Gets…What He Turns Them Into Will MELT Your Heart!

Have you thought about how many used crayons get tossed into the trash every day? Restaurants who have little packets of crayons for children don’t re-use them for each guest. Each kid at each table gets a fresh set of crayons. That is a LOT of crayons. Now, what about schools? Some schools get so many donations that they could never hope to store them all. The same goes for supply drives and churches. But they’ve started doing something amazing…when they have a surplus of crayons, they call this one dad who has a particularly awesome hobby!


They collect the crayons in bins and sort them by color. They peel away the paper and prepare to melt them.


Using large pots and hot plates, they melt the crayons down until they are liquefied. It’s a time consuming task, but they do it with pride!


They strain out any paper that stayed behind and any parts that won’t work well in a brand new crayon.


They pour the perfect new crayon was into specially made molds. The molds were created with the help of medical professionals for one incredible reason…


Children with special needs can’t handle the small, round size of standard crayons. When they are used in therapy, it is easier for these children to grip a rounded, triangular shape…especially if the children haven’t fully learned how to use a crayon normally or how to write. These specially crafted crayons help children all around, and the volunteer workers have just recently started shipping their crayons out of state! Hopefully these will catch on! How amazing!

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