He Stood Up Before A Pop Quiz…And Got EVERYONE A 100!

This organic chemistry class at Ohio State University has a strange tradition, and Vinny Forte has just made history. If a randomly selected student can land a wadded paper ball into the garbage to demonstrate “donating a proton,” he would give everyone a 100 for their first quiz of the new lecture.

It happens every year. While reviewing acid base chemistry, the professor tosses a wadded paper ball up into the the balcony, as high as possible to demonstrate the donation of a proton, something that would be on their quiz next class.

He then said that if the student could toss the paper ball into the garbage can near the door, everyone would get that perfect score before moving on to take exams.9.6a3When he made the incredible – and unlikely shot – the room erupted into cheers. Even the professor was excited!
9.6a4The students needed to show up on quiz day to be awarded the grade of 100, but he’s sure that the majority of them will. Last year, someone made it for the first time in all his years of teaching, but there was no one to document the event.

Everyone was excited for their grades to go up, and Vinny will probably be everyone’s favorite person for a while…at least until final grades are released!


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