He Stood Outside Of This Nursing Home For 9 Hours. This Disabled Vet Is Incredible!

During a fierce storm, the flag pole at an assisted living facility fell over. It hadn’t been fixed in time for Memorial Day, and as a result, the residents weren’t going to be able to fly their American flag in honor of the holiday. They were disappointed, but there was no way to fix it in time.

A woman told her boyfriend, Army Specialist Darren Swallow, about the incident and he decided that he needed to help.

I thought I’d come down and honor our veterans and let them know they have not been forgotten.”

At 3:00AM, he came out in full Army dress, and stood holding the American flag until 1:00PM. So many people were touched and inspired by his actions that the story went viral! The moment was captured on video as the soldier stood at attention in the rain. 

Many people were impressed by his actions because they have members of their family who serve, have died, or have completed their service.

He was very passionate about it when I told him we didn’t have a flag here, he is an angel, he is, he really is one of the best people I’ve ever met in my whole life.”

His selflessness is making waves! An incredible gesture from an incredible man! This Memorial Day was made even more special by this awesome man!

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