He Stood On A Street Corner And GAVE Out Money Instead Of Begging

Seeing a homeless person on a street corner is an everyday occurrence in most cities. With limited spaces in shelters, difficulty finding employment, and countless unresolved medical issues, people have to make do any way that they can – and that usually means begging for spare change, water, and sometimes even offers to work in exchange for food or clothing. They stand in the hot sun, freezing rain, or snow and hold up cardboard signs, hoping for a few dollars at the end of the day…but this time, the cardboard sign said something very different.

It shocked people.

Cliff King Mac has made a name for himself as a rapper, and at 25, he wanted to give back. Most people couldn’t read the sign until they had come close enough with their hands outstretched to hand him a bit of change. When they realized that the sign was advertising that he was the one doing the giving, they couldn’t believe it.

Many refused his offer but commended him on giving back to the community.

He says that he usually gives back by handing out cases of water, as the water in Flint, Michigan is still unsafe, but that on this day he just wanted to do something different.

Instead of accepting his donations, people took pictures, shook his hand, and asked where they could donate. He ended up giving away around $200, but plans to try again in the near future.

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