He Started A New Selfie Trend: “I Am Not Responsible For Any Broken Phones”

Seth Schneider was bored during a hurricane and decided to see if he could quickly snap a picture of himself high-fiving…himself. Using a mirror, he held his phone as high as possible, pressed the shutter button, high-fived himsef (clapped) and then caught the phone all in a matter of seconds. For some reason, people went nuts.10-13a9

Today is the proudest day of my life. I successfully took a picture of me high fiving myself” He posted.

The engineering student had no idea that his stunt would spread far and wide.10-13a10

You’re not special.” One user posted.

It didn’t stop hundreds of people from attempting the dangerous (to phone screens, at least) stunt, leading to Schneider posting a disclaimer on his own page.

I am not responsible for any broken phones.”

When someone pointed out that there was a timing function that would make this infinitely easier, Schneider explained the reasoning behind his picture.

but there’s no fun in that. With this you gotta push the button and be speedy”

Many people have reported that while they did eventually snap a “high-fiving” picture, they also walked away from the stunt with a dented phone case or cracked screen. Some lined their counters and floors with pillows and towels to try and soften any blows, but it wasn’t always successful.

Boredom can cause people to do strange things! Would you attempt this crazy picture?


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